LMA Vision
Our goal is for every man, woman and youth training at Lawrenceburg Martial Arts (LMA) to become a well-rounded, self-confident and self-disciplined martial artist.
We are a relatively new school with old school philosophies. We believe in teaching courage and respect for both self and others.
LMA practices a high level of discipline
We practice old customs and courtesies of the traditional Japanese schools. Bowing is required to enter and exit the Do Jo to demonstrate respect for rank.
Our students are held to a high standard both inside and outside of the Do-Jo.
Youth at LMA are required to maintain grades and behavior in school and to obey the law.
LMA believes very strongly in a unified approach.
Students at LMA know that if one of us does poorly or well then that reflects on the entire team.
We do not allow egos and we maintain the same humble attitude in victory or defeat.
Patience is important and all students must learn to be patient in their pursuit to learn the art.
We teach using a multi-discipline approach to meet LMA’s goals.
We focus on teaching skills that are effective in the ring, mat or the streets.
Students learn the skills necessary to survive self-defense situations, competitions while also gaining confidence.
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